Will you suffer from Diabetic Retinopathy if you have Diabetes?

Nobody knows answer to that question, people may tell you it depends on good care of your diabetes but still, it’s not a 100% assurance or a guarantee of the good health.

Do you have family history of Diabetic Retinopathy?

The most simple and basic question to ask, whether it is Diabetic Retinopathy or any other diabetic complication is, if that runs in your family history. Have elders in the family suffered these complication. If they have, it increases your chances of having that kind of complication. If your father has suffered diabetic retinopathy, very much possible that you are also the candidate and you getting this complication is quite high.

If you have family history of Diabetes & Diabetic Retinopathy, at what age it occured with your elders?

Whether parents or elder brother or sister, the age at which it occurred is now moving down. So you father may have got it at 60, your elder brother may have got diabetes in their 40s, but the chances are you may get it in 30s and that’s why you need to be super observant of what is happening with you, because you have more life with Diabetes and thus more complications

There is no family history of Diabetic Retinopathy in my family.

This will lessen your worries but you need to be super careful about other types of complications and take all good care of yourself. Not just with following medications but following Doctors advice and follow ups regularly. The care aspect includes all the things, diet, exercise and the complete lifestyle all together.  You simply cannot have same food, sleep or activities which you were used to before diabetes and after diabetes. You will need to change.

Will I still suffer from Diabetic Retinopathy?

Nobody knows the exact answer to that question. You may have bad control of diabetes and nothing may happen to you, you may have very good control of diabetes but still complications might occur. Everything under the sun is applicable – from genes to stress to the environment you live in. Ask all these questions to your Doctor, get good consultation and follow the advice, with you also super observant of what is happening with you and what concerns you.

Diabetic Retinopathy is Diabetes + Blood Pressure

Having a good control of your blood pressure may protect you. It can be your great defense for Diabetic Retinopathy and many other diabetic complications. Understand that diabetes has already affected the flow of the blood to your organs, blood pressure acts as further fuel to the matter. You doctor won’t tell you, stop coffee or take some good supplement. You will have to ask that question yourself. Observe yourself, check responses and consult with the Doctor.

When should you first check of Diabetic Retinopathy if you have Diabetes?

The answer is NOW. To avoid scaring you, Doctors won’t advice you or give your proper counselling of what you need to take care of. A good doctor, will start advising you as you keep regular touch with your visits. At the clinics some doctors have the facility of checking the sensitivity in your hands and feets. But for vision, you will have to visit an Eye Doctor, to avoid any doubts, go to Eye Specialist, they will conduct a full checkup which includes retina inspection under light. Only the Eye Specialist can tell you, if Diabetic complications have reached yoru eyes or not and what follow up you will need to maintain.
Hope you are safe on all these aspects and living a good and healthy life. Remember nothing should be done without the advice of the Doctor. But the desease is such that it may still cause all the damage. Be safe and proactive. Don’t wait, even for your Doctor. Whatever doubts or issues you are concerned of, get those doubts cleared, this responsibility is on you.

My list of small experiments with Diabetic Retinopathy & Diabetes.

It’s very difficult for me to reach to any conclusions. For example, I was totally convinced by other doctors on the web and through my own research that Ozone Therapy will totally work for me. After all, my diabetic retinopathy is about the oxygen supply to the nevers in the eyes. After trying for 30 days, it didn’t work. And, I stopped.

This is the quick list of what I have tried and will exploring further still.

Tried & Stipped

  1. Shamans, Astrologers & faith healers – Yes, I tried that too. Desperation or faint hope, whatever you call it.
  2. Ozone Therapy – Auto-haemo.
  3. Lutein & Zeaxanthin supplements
  4. PEMF – Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy – Bemer device for 20+ sessions
  5. Organic Sulphur MSM

What I am trying now

  1. Benfotiamine / Vitamin B1
  2. L-Carnosine capsules
  3. Blue Green Algae
  4. Raw vegan, lacto vegetarian diet.
  5. PEMF – Micro-Pulse ICES device


What I will try

  1. Ayurveda – Very soon.
  2. Stem Cells – if I am fortunate, if it is available and I am afford it.