Diabetic Retinopathy


The purpose of this website is not to introduce or educate you about Diabetic Retinopathy.  The sole purpose is to quickly introduce you to the latest treatments and future treatment approaches.  You MUST consult a medical doctor before you start any approaches. Please do not self-treat.

Current Standard Medical Treatment
The current standards of treatment for diabetic retinopathy is Lasers & anti-VEGF injections. There could be operations if there are retinal detachment and other types of worsening of the condition.


  • Follow your MD – regular medicines, checkups, and follow-ups.
    Get regular eye exams done by an eye doctor. Bi-annual or after every 3-4 months
  • Be cautious and aware of any family history of diabetes. The existence of diabetes means, there are several types of multiple damages occurring in the body.
  • Control your stress via any means – reading books, listening to music, practicing meditation or any other activity which calms you down.
  • Likewise, any physical activity will help. Things such as walking, yoga or stretching.


There is too much information on the web, be careful of what you do and consult a good doctor first. Things such as cold thermogenesis, infra-red light therapy, PEMF, Ayurveda, Fasting, Supplements can cause you serious harm.

BEWAER & BE_AWARE – With all the good followup & medicines, Diabetes can do you many harms. And, if that condition arises, there is no point fighting it. There are many disadvantaged people in this world and now you are one of them. It won’t be easy for your family and friends too. Accept your condition and think of how you can make use of what you have and walk on.